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Lionel Barzon III – Professional Development in College

College is a time for many to learn, to grow and to come into themselves. However, it’s also important to note that, at face value, college is also a time to educate yourself on the workings of the world and prepare yourself to enter the workforce upon graduation.

Lionel Barzon III – Learning Outside the Classroom

Continuing Your Education: Learning Outside of the Classroom from Lionel Barzon III on Vimeo.

Getting an education inside of school is one thing–you’re there to learn a subject and expected to follow through on your promise. However, it’s important to also note the necessity today to continue your learning outside of regular school boundaries, furthering your education in any way you can. Luckily, Lionel Barzon III is here to show you a few ways.

Lionel Barzon III – Four Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong in College

Lionel Barzon III: Four Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong in College from Lionel Barzon III on Vimeo.

Often when you find out you’re doing something wrong, it’s too late. As far as how you approach college though, it’s never too late (assuming you’re still in school). Take these tips and run with them to get the most out of your college experience.

Lionel Barzon III – Six Things You Should Know About Working a Political Campaign

Six Things You Should Know About Working on a Political Campaign from Lionel Barzon III on Vimeo.

No one said working on a political campaign was easy. In fact, most people would tell you it’s one of the most strenuous, thinking-on-your-feet and difficult jobs you can take on. If you’re considering getting into the world of politics and political campaigning, watch this video and read Lionel’s blog first.

Lionel Barzon III – Procrastination Hacks Video

Procrastination is the archenemy of productivity. Whether you’re a college student, work in an office, or just need to get personal work done, the feeling of letting time slip through your hands is never fully recognized until the last moment, it seems. Using these five tips, Lionel Barzon III, college student and young professional, will help you beat procrastination for good.

Five Hacks to Beat Procrastination from Lionel Barzon III on Vimeo.

Lionel Barzon III – Six Traits Every Manager Should Have Video

Here, you’ll see a video presentation that reviews Lionel Barzon III’s 6 Traits Every Manager Should Have blog post. The video is short, and amply covers most information found in the original blog post.

6 Traits Every Manager Should Have from Lionel Barzon III on Vimeo.


Lionel Barzon III – Phi Theta Kappa Speech

When Lionel Barzon III ran for Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society’s Alabama District 2 Vice President position, in March of 2016, he wanted to make an impact on his fellow scholars. Lionel decided to give a speech on the apparent differences–and not-so-apparent similarities–of the words “war” and “peace.” Here you can find the video that helped Lionel Barzon III secure that Vice Presidential nomination.