Having worked on numerous political campaigns, Lionel Barzon III has developed and honed in on his campaigning abilities. He has proven himself time and time again not only a committed member of the political sphere, but one willing to take on larger and larger roles. Lionel has climbed the ladder, taking on leadership roles in political campaigns with great success.

Barzon treats these not only as opportunities to help politicians with whom he directly aligns seek and gain election to office, but as learning experiences, and opportunities to show how valuable an asset he can be to a political campaign or a business.

Larry Wilske For Congress

September, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

The Larry Wilske for Congress 2014 campaign was privileged to have Lionel Barzon as part of our executive team this year. Lionel is a talented and consummate professional whose work ethic exceeds the most rigorous standards set forth in any industry. As field director, he was responsible for the entire field infrastructure of the campaign, leading the charge on the critical functions of voter outreach, grassroots engagement, volunteer recruitment, special events, GOTV campaigning and much more.

I had the pleasure of working with Lionel on a daily basis and was extremely impressed with his work ethic and skill set. He is highly organized, detail-oriented and demonstrated the ability to execute successfully from start to finish. These traits are vital in a position that requires both high-level strategic thinking and a strong operational mindset. Lionel proved to be an outstanding strategist and critical thinker, capable of analyzing vast quantities of research and data to make smart decisions for the road ahead. In the political arena, the landscape changes on a daily basis. Lionel showed tremendous insight and adaptability throughout the course of the campaign.

He also demonstrated excellent interpersonal and leadership skills. As field director, Lionel was responsible for training and managing large numbers of campaign workers, volunteers and field teams for a variety of outreach programs. He excelled in his ability to build, manage and motivate teams – a highly valuable skill in the business or political arena.

I truly cannot say enough complimentary things about Lionel. He was an integral part of the executive team and played a tremendous role in the success of the campaign. Having worked in the communications industry for 18 years, I’ve rarely come across individuals who demonstrate his level of organizational skill, follow-through and critical thinking. The success of any team is predicated on the ability to unequivocally trust your teammates to independently execute their responsibilities. When a program or task was handed to Lionel, we had complete confidence that it was going to be completed in a manner of the highest quality and integrity, because that is simply the kind of professional that he is. There are those who are content to just perform, and there are those who excel – Lionel represents the latter.

I’m very pleased to submit this letter of recommendation for Lionel Barzon. His professionalism, skill set and dedication make him a tremendous asset to any organization, in any industry.

Best Regards,

Sandy Moul                                                                                             Director of Communications                                                                     Larry Wilske for Congress


Indiana Republican Party

October, 2013

Dear fellow Republicans,

I am writing this to convey my admiration and respect for Lionel Barzon III. I had the privilege of getting to know Lionel in 2012 during out campaign as the Republican nominee for Indiana’s District 1 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Lionel came on as a volunteer, but quickly moved into a paid internship position due to his obvious talent and tremendous work ethic. In the final weeks of the campaign, Lionel’s ability to proioritize tasks, and to organize himself and others was something we can to rely on to the point he became a de facto co-campaign manager in the closing days.

Along with our campaign manager Steve Wolff, Lionel organized and coordinated the largest single Republican election day effort, in Lake and Porter County in many years, second only to Senator Coats re-election. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, and the hard work of Lionel and Stevem the county working polling locations handing out 100,000 plug cards, executing get out the vote strategies, and tracking the results and whereabouts of each and every team.

Every political campaign is stressful, and exerts tremendous pressure in the closing weeks on those with the most responsibilities, particularly when resources are right, and your candidate is not favored to win. However, Lionel handled all the pressure with the poise, grace, strength and winning attitude that would be difficult to find in even the most seasoned political professional.

never heard Lionel once make an excuse, say “I can’t” or come through with anything less than a smile and a goal well achieved. For me, the hallmark of Lionel’s character is his outstanding work ethic coupled with a tremendously positive attitude that not only infects, but brings out the best in those around him. Should I ever decide to seek public office again, Lionel Barzon III would be one of the first people I would seen out, and I would pray he was available. The INDGOP is fantastic, and has in many ways set a new standard for state party effectiveness. That said, it is with all due respect that I say with an honest heart, that I believe the INDGOP would be lucky to have Lionel as part of your team. 

I want to thank you personally and sincerely on behalf of my family for all the INDGOP’s work in helping the Republican part, my home state of Indiana, and our beloved country.

God Bless,

Joel Phelps

2012 Republican Nominee, IN, District 1

US House of Representatives