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Avoiding Post-Grad Pitfalls

Do you remember what it was like making the transition from high school to college? If you, like about 40% of public and 60% of private school students, chose to disembark from the comfort and freedom of your parent’s room and live on campus, you certainly remember. Meals were no longer cooked for you around […]

Social Media Professionalism 101

As this past presidential election can show you, what you put on social media stays on social media. Before the advent of the internet, it was much easier to say and do stupid things and get away with them because it was your word against anyone else’s. However, now that all of our online activity […]

Professionalism in College

Professionalism is a skill that must be practiced in order to excel in your career. For many young adults, professionalism is something they have yet to master, unless they were proactive during college and honed this skill before graduation. Most people learn through trial and error as they begin their careers, but you can get […]

Five Things You’ll Experience at Honors Institute

This post was originally published on I recently traveled to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, as both a first-time attendee and a social media intern for Phi Theta Kappa’s Honors Institute. The overall experience was so powerful and life changing that I’m still in awe of the events that transpired. In summary of this amazing event […]

Learning Outside the Classroom

  Don’t let the title of this blog post scare you off. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in learning–soaking in knowledge for the sake of learning–so hopefully you’re in this for the long haul. Being a lifelong learner isn’t just a term used by the 50-year-old man or woman in your intro […]


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