Lionel’s Background

Lionel Barzon III

Lionel Barzon III is a young professional with cross-cultural expertise and an affinity for networking, both of which he’s leveraged in management roles within political campaigns. A dual enrolled business student at The University of Alabama in Huntsville and Calhoun Community College, Lionel has a diverse background which has uniquely equipped him in matters of diplomacy and tact.

Lionel’s career in business didn’t begin at a campus event or a career fair– it began at a cook-off at his local church in Indiana. At twenty years old Lionel had not yet enrolled in college or decided what exactly he wanted to do, but as he struck up conversations with a few leaders from the local community, an opportunity soon presented itself to him. Lionel met Joel Phelps, a Congressional candidate who wanted to represent the 1st Congressional District of Indiana, and Phelps offered him an internship position on his campaign.

Lionel accepted the position and hit the ground running, organizing the volunteer group and delegating tasks both in office and at political events. Shortly after joining the campaign Lionel was promoted to Deputy Campaign Manager. His involvement with Phelps’ campaign lasted just a few months, but opened his eyes to the possibilities of communication and outreach positions across industries. Instead of continuing with political campaigning, Lionel’s next role was in an entirely new field: retail.

As a Sales Associate at Osterman Jewelers in Merrillville, Indiana, Lionel embraced the store’s “big picture” goals while effectively growing his own customer base as an individual. Within a few months, he received an offer to interview for an Assistant Manager position at Michael Hill Jewelers in Chicago. Lionel was ready not only to rise up through the ranks, but to try a change of scenery, and he moved to Illinois that same month. He managed a sales team of six and thrived until a family emergency brought him back home to California.

Lionel’s next career opportunity paralleled his very first: at a community event in San Diego, he struck up a conversation with a professional, learned that the man was campaigning for a Congressional seat, and received an offer to work on his campaign. Again Lionel entered the political scene with gusto and he soon joined a larger campaign effort for Larry Wilske, for which he worked as a campaign manager through November 2014.

With a wealth of work experience at his back, Lionel made the decision to enroll in college, having developed a thirst for business. By 2015, Lionel Barzon III capitalized on a unique opportunity to finish his Business Degree through the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Currently majoring in business administration, Lionel has taken advantage of the opportunity to learn the intricacies of business in a classroom, having already received so much hands-on experience during his employment. He plans to graduate in 2018, prepared to set out in the world of business a more learned individual.

While enrolled in his academic classes, Lionel has also focused on his newest endeavor in Phi Theta Kappa. This international honor society upholds and recognizes students who achieve academic superiority and helps those students individually grow and develop through the various honors programs that are presented to its members. On the recommendation of his Sigma Lambda chapter advisors, Lionel ran for, and won, his regional officer position as a vice president for Phi Theta Kappa Alabama.

Outside of work and school, Lionel Barzon III enjoys spending his free time figure skating and watching sports–the Yankees and Nashville Predators in particular. Lionel prioritizes his faith and his family above most everything else and actively volunteers when granted the opportunity.